As usual, we at VIUU love to keep an eye on the hottest eyewear trends and bring them to you. Pick your poison below!

The Super-slim Cateye

This style was already rocked last summer when every fashionable icon wore a pair – just like Rihanna and Bella Hadid. We suggest this look for narrow faces.


Long Rectangle

Continuing with slim shades, these rectangular futuristic glasses are back in style. When choosing your new favourite, be sure to check out bright colours for a modern touch! We recommend this shape for oval and round faces.


Round and Oval Frames

Oval-shaped glasses are a long-awaited refreshment to the round glasses of the previous few seasons. Here at VIUU we have an exceptionally wide choice of vintage and fresh-from-the-oven frames in this style! We recommend this shape for square and heart-shaped faces.


Frameless Frames

Oversized frames are dead – long live oversized frames! Dior and several others have designed amazing frameless shades for this season. 


 Oversized Retro Eyewear

Looks like oversized eyewear is here to stay! Retro and vintage inspired styles will always be in. We at VIUU have a great choice of legendary Oliver Goldsmith’s eyewear, but Andy Wolf, Givenchy and Dior are holding the flag up high as well. 


Square Eyewear

These are essentially a variation of the oversized retro frame, but definitely worth pointing out. The fearless square shape is a nice change after all the round shapes.


 Sporty Retro Aviator

The so-called aviator shape hasn’t gone anywhere! The best choice for this season would be a frame with retro or sporty influences, like this one from rag n bone: