Fashion comes and goes and as of right now, the coolest trend seems to be to take inspiration from the past. When it comes to Andy Wolf frames, they have done just that. Taken very classical designs and put their own funky twist on them, making them stand out from the gray crowd with rich personality and mad style.

Andy Wolf was founded in 2006, when three friends Andreas (Andy), Wolfgang (Wolf) and Katharina brought up an important question over a fresh meal and some delicate wine: Why aren’t glasses made in such a personal, natural and familiar fashion? What started off with 17 people on the team, has now grown up to 50 fantastic ones, who with hard work and effort make their vision come true. As of right now, the brand is represented in over 38 countries and we here at VIUU are certain that Andy Wolf is only growing bigger and more miraculous.

The release of their newest collection also celebrated their birthday. Andy Wolf is now 10 years old. During that period they grew up to split their products into three high-quality collections: White Heat, Love and Soul.

First comes White Heat which is a representation of how all shapes are made from raw matearials and turned into pure elegance. It’s a reconsideration on acetat and metal and gives us a good look on what turnes people and glasses into characters.

Next one on the list is Love. Love is said to have many faces and so does this collection, being the most versitile in our opinion. This collection is more sensual, sexy, unforgettable and helps you to truly stay in the moment and enjoy life.

Soul represents the most important of all- family. A true window to the deepest sides of the team and how they have become one over the course of those ten years. Inspired from different feelings and situations, it is a tribute to their own people.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own personal Andy Wolf frames today and rock that fresh #viuulook. We here at VIUU provide exellent help when choosing out what’s just right for you. Let go, don’t fear and take your everyday appearance to a whole new level. Our selection of Andy Wolf frames can do that perfectly.