We teamed up with a brand called Stella Soomlais to start producing custom leather eyewear cases. Sounds cool!


Since we’re neighbours in Telliskivi, we were struck by the idea to create something together, which would present VIUU, as well as Stella Soomlais. Soon a new gorgeous case was brought into existence. Minimal, at the same time very peculiar, comfortable and of good quality. Stella Soomlais has branded themself to be a brand to maximalise the usage of the material they use.  Though mostly making bags, the left out pieces are reinvented into accessories. That’s how the VIUU eyewear case was born.


What’s so special about the VIUU case?

The case does not have a fixed size and it has been modelled to fit most of VIUUs selection. The leather strip, which is there to keep it closed, has two points, where a rubber connection has been placed. That adds a feature, which helps the case fit bigger frames.

The material is called vegetable leather and its most special quality is that it changes all the time. Through this personality is added and the ageing process can be called spectacular.



The VIUU eyewear case, made by Stella Soomlais, is original and available only at our store. In the future you can look forward into a more diverse selection of size and colour. As of right now, our client is also facing an option to have something specially made for them. When a colour doesn’t suit your everyday style or the size is too small, you can request a case more fit to your liking.


Check out more information about Stella Soomlais and take a look at this fabulous video!