We all have bought some cheap sunglasses once whether by accident or on purpose during a holiday emergency.
In the summertime sunglasses are vital to us, because although the sun is nice and warm, it is not so comfy for our eyes.
But have you ever thought what is the difference between cheap and high quality sunglasses? The following 5 reasons will explain, why to invest in high quality, optician approved sunglasses.

1.Quality sunglasses protect the eyes against UV radiation

The UV radiation coming from the sun is invisible but it damages both the cornea, lens and the retina. Longterm exposure to the radiation can lead to serious damages to the eyes and even lead to some serious eye diseases like cataract, eye cancer etc. Quality sunglasses bought from the optical shop possess 100% protection against the UV radiation.

Cheap sunglasses don’t protect your eye against UV radiation. It is often thought that the darker the lens, the better it protects the eye. Sadly it is the opposite. The cheap dark lenses let the pupils be too wide and even more harmful radiation can get into the eyes.

2.Quality sunglasses remove dangerous reflections

Too much light is also dangerous to our eyes. For example the light reflecting from the snow can be so bright, that it can damage both the cornea and cause lasting damages to the retina. Skiing in the mountains without correct sunglasses can even cause temporary blindness. In addition, too bright light can also be a threat while driving or sailing. High quality sunglasses can block up to 97% of the excessive light, making it safe for us to look. Lenses in various shades block the light differently. For example polarised lenses keep us safe while driving by removing dangerous reflections coming from the road. Lenses with anti-reflection coating help us while skiing or on open water.

Cheap sunglasses don’t have anti-reflection coating and it makes them harmful to wear. Poor-quality lenses let through more light than they should and non-existent coating makes the glasses more sensitive to different defects. Damaged lens  prevents clear sight and can cause dangerous reflections.

3.Quality sunglasses protect against dust, scratches and water drops

Any obstacle on the lens blocks the vision. Scratches and water drops can cause dangerous reflections and distortions, fingerprints and dust block clear sight. Lenses for the sunglasses also have different coatings. In addition to the anti-reflection, UV protection and polarised lenses, quality sunglasses also protect from dust, fingerprints and water drops. Many quality glasses already have all these coatings. But if you are interested in sunglasses that also correct your eyesight, it is possible to install toned lenses in quality frames.

Cheap sunglasses don’t have these lense coatings and in addition to that it is not possible to install different lenses in those frames.

4.Quality sunglasses are more comfortable

There is a reason why quality sunglasses are more expensive-  it embodies a big team who has given their everything to create the most comfortable and high quality sunglasses possible. A lot of these glasses are hand crafted and have a team of designers, technologists, opticians and other innovators in this field behind it. Every brand has its own secret or patented technological trick that makes their glasses the most comfortable. During the creation of the glasses their purpose, eyes anatomy and also persons face and head shape is taken into account. All this to create the most comfortable and technologically effective eyewear.

Cheap glasses have been produced to the masses. The purpose of their creation is to make as many as possible for the smallest amount of money possible. In result, sunglasses with no protective qualities and ease of wear are born.

5. Quality sunglasses last longer

High-quality sunglasses usually last longer because good and durable materials are used in making them. They are shock-and wear-resistant, with different surface treatments also durable to a variety of extreme weather conditions. If you use your sunglasses according to their purpose (for exercising sport sunglasses etc), clean them regularly and if not using, keep them in their box, they will last for years.

With cheap sunglasses the most low-priced materials are used. Their practical value and ease of wear is not taken into account. They will not last long when worn every day.

If you care about the health of your eyes, want to see the world more clearly and wish your new favourite sunglasses would last for years it is reasonable to buy a pair of high quality sunglasses.
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Photo: Kertin Vasser