When the weather is getting sunnier and you just can’t be outside without wearing a pair of sunglasses, it is time to come shopping some. Most often it is men who ask us about what is trendy this season and what type of sunglasses suit them the best. As there are numerous styles to pick from and finding your desired pair may cause a considerable headache, we decided to write a short top 5 post for our male clients. Here are five the most trendy type of sunglasses for 2018.

1.Metal sunglasses

Although the plastic frames have dominated the market for years with the wide range of styles, wearing comfort and good looks, metal frames are making a comeback this season. They are durable, fashionable and much lighter than most of their plastic relatives making them much loved by most of the men.

This year the style stretches from retro to modern.  Back are the classic 30s inspired aviator frames and even its round 20s predecessors, the Charlestons. Clip-ons, the 90s wonder of sunglasses attached to optical glasses with a magnet are becoming more and more popular again.

Aviators are making their comeback in different shapes and sizes. Modern frames are missing the nose bridge and the pads, changing are also the shapes and sizes of the lenses and their surface treatments.  There is something for everybody this year.


2. Round sunglasses

Retro is also making its comeback in the shape of round sunglasses. VIUU has both, the round 70s sunglasses with huge lenses and the small grunge influenced glasses from the 90s. The shape of the lenses stretches from round to oval, materials from metal to plastic and even two of them combined.  Andy Wolf Eyewear continues with its line of unique and modern eyewear. The famous distinguished nose bridge is also present in the round eyewear trend. From Andy we have full plastic frames, metal frames, metal mixed with plastic and metal frames with the famous plastic nose bridge. Even the rimless style hasn’t skipped the sunglasses.

The super trendy tiny sunglasses from the 90s vintage collection are representing the oval style at VIUU. Round sunglasses have the advantage of fitting both the narrow and the wide face. If you need sunglasses with vision correction, the round frame is the best choice. Even with the strongest short sightedness the lenses fit in the frames perfectly and delicately.
Round glasses are very popular among our clients at VIUU.

3. D-shaped sunglasses

D-shaped sunglasses are easily recognized  by the shape of the lenses that remind the letter D. This style of frames has been the most popular pick among men for many years.  At VIUU we sell both, the classic D-shapes with strong frame and also more modern ones with lighter and more round frames with less noticeable nose bridge. D-shaped sunglasses have the advantage of looking good on everyone but its the best pick for the men with round faces.


4. Oversized aviator sunglasses

Aviators or like the Estonians say “trucker’s glasses” are in fashion again, this time in the shape of oversized plastic sunglasses. These frames go with every clothing whether you wear the classic suit or sporting outfit.
There are frames for all face types. Rounder frame for men with strong bone structure,  square frame for a softer, rounder face. VIUU has a great variety of oversized aviator sunglasses for every taste.


5. Retro sunglasses

Retro is always in fashion and this year we can see a strong influence from the industrial revolution. The eyewear fashion is mixing plastic and metal both in the frame and in its details. Metal nose bridge on a plastic frame? Well why not! This small detail gives the otherwise a dark and strong frame its much needed lightness at the same time maintaining the comfort of the plastic eyewear.

The Hollywood favourite Clubmasters are still in fashion. At VIUU the style is represented by Ray-Ban and Persol.

Ant the colour of this season is amber or smoky whisky which is mostly represented by plastic frames. Find your sunglasses in this shade and you’re set for this year.

See VIUU’s selection of sunglasses HERE and come try some on at VIUUshop, Telliskivi 60!

Cover photo: David Bowie, photographer Steve Schapiro/© Corbis. All Rights Reserved.
Sunglasses: photos by the brands, starting from the top Andy Wolf Eyewear, TATI B; Andy Wolf Eyewear, MUKHINA; Oxydo 1071; Christian Dior; Persol 3075.